TOP 10

Love Freeland? Help us grow with a record holiday season! Here are some quick and easy ways to support your favorite Women of the Craft.

  1. Clear the shelves!

    Find and buy Freeland at one the 450 stores, restaurants and bars that offer Freeland. Check out this awesome new store locator!

  2. In Washington? Find us at BevMo! This is our first MAJOR CHAIN-WIDE TEST. The better we do in Washington, the sooner we will be in California BevMo!

  3. In Marin? Find us in Cost Plus World Market and Molly Stones. These are our key test doors. The better we do in these stores, the sooner we will be in all stores.

  4. Anywhere in the US? Buy Online! We are available through 3 great online bottle shops. Best shipping rates through Blackwell’s.

  5. Buy Freeland Spirits as a corporate holiday gift. Way more interesting than another bottle of wine!

  6. Buy a barrel! Delayed gratification is a virtue.

  7. Booking a holiday event? Find a location on the store locator to host your holiday party. Pro tip: create a festive Freeland Spirits cocktail as a welcome drink. Go cash bar after that.

  8. Book any event at the Freeland Tasting Room! Retirement, engagement, birthday, festivus, graduation, first kiss, divorce settlement, Christmas, Wednesday, GNO… We can plan an event to remember.

  9. Know an interesting Oregonian? Nominate a Free Spirit! Freeland Free Spirits celebrates female-identifying Oregonians who are busting through the glass ceilings and soaring.

  10. Just hang-out. Our tasting room rocks. Check out the new menu- drinks and food. Lot’s of important people think so!

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