Welcome to Freeland Spirits, Portland’s new craft distillery. Freeland is named after my Meemaw (that’s what we call grandmas in Texas) Freeland, who never touched a drop of booze in her life but taught me that all good things come from scratch. And that women can be anything they want.

Freeland Spirits celebrates the women of the craft. From the gals who grow the grain, to those who run the still, we’re creating superior spirits that celebrate all the Northwest has to offer.

Freeland Spirits is one of very few women owned and run distilleries in history. Molly Troupe, our Master Distiller, was born wearing a pair of chemist goggles and never took them off. With a background in biochemistry and a Masters Degree in Distillation from Heriot Watt in Scotland, Molly commands perfection with every spirit she orchestrates. Did I mention that women have more taste buds and 50% more olfactory cells? So don’t you want Molly making your spirits? I know I do.

In December, 2017 we launched Freeland Gin, which is crafted by hand in small batches. A traditional copper pot still brings juniper and 13 other botanicals to life. Meanwhile, a state of the art vacuum still cajoles quieter flavors including fresh cucumber, rosemary, mint and thyme. Yes, delicious in cocktails. But we suggest sipping it with just a cube of ice.

Jesse Brantley, my childhood best friend, a sommelier with restaurant management experience, joined Freeland to run sales in May of 2018. Our babysitting venture might not have worked out, but we are making up for it now.

Freeland Bourbon was launched in November, 2018. When I first starting dreaming up the idea of a distillery three years ago, I partnered with a distillery to get our first bourbon in barrels. We then finished it for five months in Elk Cove pinot noir barrels and blended in a small batch of 12-year bourbon. In the meantime, our beautiful still is working its magic to create future Freeland whiskies.

We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary with the release of our first canned cocktail. It’s been a year filled with blessings and lessons, which is all we could ask for. Thank you to our community who has welcomed us with open arms. We couldn’t do it without you and we are truly grateful for your presence. Here’s to many more years to come.

Thank you for reading, and here’s to the future of spirits. And to Meemaw.

Jill Kuehler

Founder Freeland Spirits